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Our Message

We wanted to offer the public a higher quality window and door than any of our competitors, nothing short of professional installation and all at a lower price than any of our competitors.

Here at Improvement Center we believe in quality.  We believe Improvement Center have the best engineered windows being manufactured today.

The Historical Society Responsible for selecting replacement windows for The Statue of Liberty’s crown and over 6000 windows for The Empire State Building share our belief.

These are only two of the countless number of world renowned buildings to select us to make their replacement windows.

Building a green future, one window at a time:

We are committed to preserving our natural resources and protecting the environment through the responsible manufacture and distribution of our products and through innovations that improve the efficiency of our customers' structures. At Improvement Center, we recognize that windows can play a significant role in helping today's buildings minimize their impact on the environment and strive to use the Earth's limited resources responsibly. We have been a leader in the window industry for more than six decades. With our leadership role comes the responsibility to develop processes and products that are environmentally responsible and set an example to our customers and our competitors. As an active participant in research projects and educational programs we seek to raise the standards and awareness of sustainability within the window industry.