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Nothing says “welcome” quite like a distinctive entry door.  Entry doors say a lot about who lives there.

Almost every door style shown below can be made into double entry doors, single door with one or two sidelights, with or without a transom, or as patio or French style door with either in swing, or out swing with one or both panels operating, with or without grids or blinds between the glass panels. 

Then you can choose steel or fiberglass – smooth or wood grained, factory painted or stained according to your instructions and finally you can pick the hardware in any number of styles and finishes.

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Sliding Glass Doors

Traco has sliding glass doors in both the Sienna Select series (vinyl) and in the Power Two (aluminum / vinyl composite).  Low – E film, argon gas and tempered glass are standard on both series doors.  Both are energy star approved.

Sizes available:

Sienna Select (vinyl)                    Power Two (composite)
5’ x 6’8”                                     5’ x 6’8”
6’ x 6’8”                                     6’ x 6’8”
9’ x 6’8” three sections                 8’ x 6’8”
9’ x 6’8”   three sections

Custom sizes available (maximum)

120” width by 80” high             144” width by 96” high

Colors Available

Exterior/interior                   exterior/interior
White/white                          white/white
Light trawood                        light trawood
Medium trawood             bronze/bronze
Light trawood
Almond/almond                           sandstone/sandstone
Light trawood                     light trawood
Medium trawood

Bronze or grey tinted glass
8 grid options
Aluminum screen
Security deadbolt
Brass handle
High R glass with Krypton Gas

Screens are included with the door at no additional cost